Your Days Are Numbered

Did you know that every single day of your life has already been written? That's right, every single day, from birth to death, is numbered and determined.


Psalm 139 is one of the most popular Psalms, and is filled with beauty, theology and life-changing truth.

And in Your book were written

All the days that were ordained for me,

When as yet there was not one of them.

Psalm 139:16b

So there you have it plain and simply. All of your days were written and ordained before a single one came to pass. Before the foundation of the earth, God knew your entire life, because He wrote it. What does this mean for us? Read below, for more.


1. Don't Waste Your Days

Just because our days are ordered and numbered doesn't mean we should sit around doing nothing. In fact, the opposite should be done. Knowing that every day is a historical fact to God should drive us to reach more people with the Gospel. When we arrive in heaven and are able to see our life like a snow globe, what will it be full of? For many (myself included), there are great times of slothfulness. I already am anticipating the dread with which I will look back on those days.

2. Strengthen Your Trust In God

When going through a rough season, it is easy to challenge God with questions of His plan and presence. But when we know that our entire history has already been ordered and written, it is much easier to withhold accusation and strengthen our trust in God. Rather than blaming, questioning or doubting, when we know God has ordered our days, we can simply run to Him for comfort, strength and perseverance to be seen through our trials, rather than fleeing from them.

3. Tell Others The Good News

Our ordered days saves us from all embarrassment in evangelism. Who cares if someone rejects the message of the cross? The feeling of personal rejection can be shunned away when we are firm in our knowledge of our days, and strong in our trust of God's purpose for our lives. God has given us the great commandment to go preach the Gospel. You will be 100% in the will of God when you share the Gospel with people. Don't be fearful, or embarrassed, because your days have already been written with purpose and plan by your loving Father.

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