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Conviction To Do Something

My name is Pete. I'm not really a people person but wish I was. Sometimes. I also like not being a people person. I really like technology, especially media technology, like audio and video production. Most of my adult life has been spent working in that field in some capacity. 

More than my passion for technology though, is my passion for Christ. I was saved at the age of 16 after several years of hardcore rebellion. The police new my name well, as did the local court, hospital, and school disciplinarian. The churches in town also knew me because I tore up their hand rails skateboarding. 

After my conversion, I attended a Biblical University to study and grow deeper in my faith. It was here that I began to develop a deep sense of passion for bringing a Biblical worldview into our modern culture. It's clear that the American culture is trending away from Christianity. It has been for decades. But while many churches and ministries sacrifice their statements of faith and foundations of ministry to desperately try and fit in to an every changing culture that loves sin more and more each day, my position is the contrary - that we should remain firm in our convictions of what the Bible says - that the light of Christ will shine brightest when we allow the Word Of God to be our starting point. So I won't bend my knee to culture, man kind, cancel culture or politics. I'm here to share the conviction I get from my daily studies, and I hope that you will join me. 

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